With the right team,
anything is possible.
Letter from Our CEO

Our company started as a small machine shop in Merrill, where my dad ran the equipment, my mom kept the books and the whole family made deliveries of auto parts in the family station wagon.

We’ve grown into a supplier to companies that are global leaders in their industries, and into a company that’s known for its ability to tackle challenges that others can’t handle.

Merrill Technologies Group is proof that anything is possible. We know that in order to make everyday possibilities a reality, we need a strong team. At Merrill, teamwork is more than just a concept, it is a foundation for day to day operations. And it is the key to making “Anything Possible.” Teamwork not only drives our daily operations, it is a leading indicator for our decisions about responsibility and accountability. It determines how we interact with one another and our customers, suppliers and strategic partners.

When you join Merrill, you join the team.

Core Values

Knowing that the company gets its strength from the combined efforts of many people, and supporting those efforts by putting the best interests of the whole team ahead of those of any one person.

Knowing, understanding and always practicing policies and procedures to ensure that we or our co-workers are not hurt, laws are followed and company and customer assets are not damaged.
Integrity and Trust

Knowing, and living, the difference between right and wrong – remaining truthful and ethical in word and deed and expecting that others will as well.

Always setting out to be very best. Our customers are the best in the world at what they do; we need to be, as well, and that means never settling for “good enough.”

Understanding that “because we’ve always done it that way” and having all your eggs in one basket are self-limiting and defeating practices. Constantly looking for new ways to grow the company and our value to our customers.

Offering your best thinking, judgement and effort, every minute of every day, because you “own” the professionalism and success of yourself, other team members and the company.

Meet Your Team
Team Member Benefits
401(k) and Medical

Our team members enjoy such benefits as full medical, dental and vision, as well as a 401(k) plan.

Stay relaxed, refreshed and more productive with our paid holidays and flexible paid time off benefits.
Company Discounts

Take advantage of exclusive company discounts from strategic partners such as Red Wings, Irish Setter and various automotive dealerships.

Special Work Programs
  • Co-Ops
  • Internships
  • STAR Program

Merrill Technologies Group (MTG) offers paid co-op positions for college and high school students that are interested in a manufacturing career. Hands on experience at a privately-owned, world class manufacturing company? Sign up today!  Many of our co-ops continually come back to MTG to complete future co-op rotations or to work full-time upon graduation.

Merrill Technologies Group (MTG) offers college students paid, on-the-job training through challenging internships. Those who successfully complete internships at MTG may be considered for additional internships or regular full-time positions following graduation.

We believe strongly in creating a work environment for our team members that is productive, efficient and safe. The Merrill S.T.A.R. program (Saving Time and Resources) was designed to allow team members the opportunity to submit innovative ideas that support cost saving and workplace efficiency with the ability to earn cash back for their innovative ideas.