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Case Study

Merrill Technologies Group is dedicated to providing advanced manufacturing solutions and trusted, quality products to the world’s leaders in a variety of industries. We believe each manufactured solution, whether it is a build to print component or a complete integrated manufactured system, leaves our facilities adhering to the highest quality standards.  It is our mission to help our customers drive substantial revenue growth by applying our ability to engineer and build any complex, large scale product or system; that lets them grow their position in the marketplace.  To drive the success of Merrill Technologies Group, we strive to be “a leading global manufacturer known for enabling our customers’ success and admired for excellence in people and engineering”.  We believe “Anything is Possible.”

From concept to completion, Merrill Technologies Group is an advanced manufacturing solutions provider for the most complex projects. We are your single source for innovative design, engineering, and leading-edge manufacturing. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise is interwoven which allows for the best, cost effective and timely delivery to bring customer solutions to market. With our dedicated team and approximately 800,000 square foot of floor space, Merrill Technologies Group is a responsive supplier to industry leaders in the Defense, Aviation, Heavy Equipment, Energy and Machine Tool markets.

Merrill Technologies Group is composed of five tight-knit companies that deliver precisely what is required for our customers’ projects. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited, to the following:


Manufacturing operations include utilization of advanced CNC machining centers, capable of handling small parts, weighing half a pound and measuring six cubic inches, to excessively large components reaching 4320 cubic feet, up to 145 inches in diameter and weighing in excess of 100,000 pounds.  Heat treating, grinding, surface preparation, and surface finishes complete those processes.


Technological operations include robotic and semi-automated welding processes, multi-head plasma cutting, laser plate cutting, cladding and nondestructive testing. We are capable of manufacturing weldments in excess of 200,000 pounds, and bending three inch thick plates up to 38 feet long.

Engineering & Integration

Our expertise includes design, mechanical, and controls engineering, all of which utilize the latest 3D modeling, simulation, and analysis software packages, recognized around the world.  We manufacture and assemble automated testing, welding, and metal removal systems. Combined, this allows us to produce high quality engineered systems, machines, and fixtures to meet the demands of any customer.

Design, Development and Manufacturing

Our Aviation and Defense company’s capabilities include the design, development, and manufacture of state-of-the-art weapon systems for ground combat vehicles, and proprietary hulls for mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles.

In summary, capitalizing on our breadth of capabilities, Merrill Technologies Group is a complete turn-key solutions provider; therefore, we take pride and base the values of our business on “trusted quality, price and delivery”. We accomplish this by supporting our people.  We create an open work environment and develop the finest workforce, providing high quality, on-time solutions at a fair price, and drive markets by forward focusing on solutions for every project.
Merrill Technologies Group encourages customers to pursue their ideas as visions. Let us help you make your idea a reality. To see more examples of how Merrill Technologies Group can be your total solutions provider, please visit our companies’ websites to see what is possible with the right partner. Because, with the right partner, “Anything is Possible”.