Thank you for your interest in our transition to one MERRILL. This exciting change has many benefits in store for you, our valued partners. Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding our corporate naming restructure. Should you have additional questions after reading, please email us at:

Thank you.

What is One MERRILL?

One MERRILL is a corporate naming restructure. Starting October 1, 2018, MERRILL will consolidate our four wholly-owned subsidiaries (Merrill Tool & Machine, Merrill Fabricators, Merrill Aviation & Defense and Merrill Engineering & Integration) into a single operating company, MERRILL Technologies Group.

What does the consolidation of MERRILL’s four companies into a single entity mean for my company and me?

MERRILL customers will realize improved on time delivery, quality and pricing. Our realignment allows MERRILL to more effectively utilize our available resources and consolidate our ERP system and financial reporting. This, in turn, enables us to better support our customers’ schedule, technical and cost objectives. We are very optimistic about the efficiencies this move will generate and we have every intention of passing those efficiencies on to our customers.

Why did MERRILL decide to make this change?

MERRILL is committed to growth and the security that controlled growth will bring our customers and our team members. As we plan for our next 50 years in operation, it’s critical that we make changes that support our vision of being a robust company capable of sustaining growth.

The one MERRILL concept is a result of our 5-year strategic planning initiative called P3 2020, which began in September of 2015. Our first major action toward this transition was taken in March of 2016 when we launched our Advanced Planning and Execution Center (APEX). APEX established a consolidated, unified approach to opportunity review, processing, quoting and launching of projects across our enterprise. Now, in 2018, we take another step toward true vertical integration by consolidating our ERP system, financial reporting and subsidiary brands.

Do we need to revise any information on existing contracts?

No. The legal effect of this merger will be that the new MERRILL Technologies Group will hold all of the assets and liabilities of each of the companies. This includes all of our rights and obligations under our contracts with you. MERRILL Technologies Group is authorized to conduct business under the current legal and assumed names of each subsidiary.

Will we need new CAGE Codes?

No. Each facility CAGE code will remain the same after consolidation occurs.

Name CAGE Code DUNS # Address
Merrill Aviation & Defense 5SGQ6 830410846 1023 South Wheeler St. Saginaw, MI 48602
Merrill Tool & Machine 3DTR4 155273758 21659 West Gratiot Rd. Merrill, MI 48637
Merrill Fabricators 8VGF8 155273758 520 Republic Ave. Alma, MI 48801
Merrill Engineering & Integration 6NZ56 830411018 2000 South Hamilton Ave. Saginaw, MI 48602
Merrill Engineering & Integration 35ZE8 184445828 1023 South Wheeler St. Saginaw MI 48602
Merrill Tool Holding Company and Merrill Technologies Group 6PH79 184445828 400 Florence St. Saginaw, MI 48602

What do we need to do on our end to accommodate this change?

We simply encourage you to update our corporate name in your system. For example, if you currently have us listed and refer to us as Merrill Tool & Machine, Merrill Fabricators, Merrill Engineering & Integration or Merrill Aviation & Defense, please make the change to MERRILL Technologies Group. Effective October 1, 2018, MERRILL Technologies Group, Inc. will be authorized to conduct business under the current and legal names of each subsidiary.

What do I call this consolidated organization?

Our legal name will be MERRILL Technologies Group, Inc. We will use our full name for legal and contractual purposes. Our branding efforts will adopt a less formal tone, and in most cases, will simply refer to our company as MERRILL. We encourage you to do the same.

Will I work with the same great people at MERRILL?

Yes. This change is simply lifting some barriers (operational, ERP, financial, legal and branding) to our vision of being a vertically integrated, world-class design, fabrication, machining and integration company. The change will enable our team members to work more closely on all projects that flow through our enterprise creating greater customer intimacy.

When will this change take place?

The legal consolidation and ERP system transition will occur October 1, 2018. At that point, you will begin doing business with MERRILL Technologies Group (MERRILL). Our brand unification program will launch in January of 2019 and run through March of 2019. At that time, it is our plan to have all marketing material converted to reflect the MERRILL logo and “Anything is Possible” brand promise.


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